About Us

“We take our ethics as seriously as we take our Climbing”.

What does this even mean, I hear you ask? 

Well, first things first…


  • You will never receive any lemon product packaged in plastic.  We will insure all our packaging is recyclable we aim to reduce, reuse and recycle.  


  • We strive to use organic cotton or other sustainable materials in all our garments to make comfortable, breathable and stylish clothing perfect for an active lifestyle wether you're a Climber, Yogi or Adventurer we have you covered.

          https://www.fairwear.org/       https://www.global-standard.org/the-standard.html    https://www.oeko-tex.com/en/our-standards/standard-100-by-oeko-tex    https://www.peta.org/living/personal-care-fashion/peta-approved-vegan-logo/   https://certifications.controlunion.com/en/certification-programs/certification-programs/ocs-blended-organic-content-standard

  • For Lemon Climbing has always been about community, that's why we offer to support climbing clubs and university mountaineering groups with our ambassador program. We hope to help inspire the next generation of ambassadors for the environment to be as passionate about adventure as us.


  • We have launched a recycling return scheme for used lemon brushes. Our aim is to ensure that no Lemon product ends up in landfill needlessly. You can find a Lemon brush deposit at your local climbing Centre, or send your used brush directly to us for more information go to Lemon brush return

           https://lemonclimbing.com/index.php?route=information/information&information_id=8    https://www.the-warehouse.co.uk/climbing/