Melissa Clements

Melissa Clements

How I started climbing

When I was 7 years old I was on a family holiday in Devon. It was a rainy day and with nothing to do my dad took me to an indoor climbing centre. Immediately I was hooked! The instructor with me that day spoke to my parents and explained I had a “natural movement” for climbing. He recommended we checked out The Warehouse Climbing Centre in Gloucester, 9 years later I still have a passion for climbing! The Warehouse is now my home climbing centre.

What does my training session look like

I climb 3-4 days a week normally (sometimes more) each session is a focus on something different. One of my sessions I will focus on power. This session would be short, I would choose 4-5 boulders which are at my limit and repeat each Boulder 5 times.

Josh and Marc (Lemon) 

The lemon climbing team - Josh and Marc have been big influences in my climbing journey. I met Marc at the Warehouse when I was around the age of 8. He was an instructor at the time. Marc saw the love that I had for climbing and helped my love for the sport grow! A few years later, I must have been 11, Josh took over the Warehouse Climbing squad. Since he became my coach, I climbed my first 8a, and have climbed even more of them now!

What is so appealing about lemon climbing

The main factor that appeals to me is that here at Lemon, the team are so passionate to produce amazing quality products and comfortable clothing whilst having very little impact on the environment.

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