Liam Fyfe

Liam Fyfe

Hey, my names Liam Fyfe. I am a South Wales based climber and routesetter, probably most known for seeking, cleaning and sending a lot of new boulders in my area and a few further afield! I love bouldering, for me it’s social and pure and I’ve always been blessed with an amazing bunch of friends to climb with and push me to achieve.

Especially with my route setting I feel I never do a job without a good mate of mine being there for a mental time! Even though I have established and repeated climbs up to font 8b/8b+ bouldering is more about the line or the movement for me and many of my best experiences have been climbing with my friends and may not have even been hard! I think one of my favourite experiences have been climbing with amazing people I have looked upto over the years, I had an amazing opportunity to take Matt Birch to a crag called Bacon Hole on the Gower to try some of my hard and amazing first ascents.

Climbing a lot of those problems like ‘Louis LH’ font 8a+ and ‘Sanctum’ font 8b will always be a mega achievement for me! Another hero to me was definitely Andy Earl and I always remember him telling me to do ‘Yorkshireman SS’ font 7c+ at Kyloe in the woods, an amazing technical line climbed by a legend but a complete sandbag!!! I managed to climb it on my second session and is probably the only font 7c+ that has ever taken more than a session! That day was a big one for me, I think there is a certain amount of honour in Britain when you climb a piece of history like that! One more I’m really proud of is a recent new bloc I climbed 2 minutes from my house at Dinas Rock, my old stomping ground! ‘Lost in Normality’ font 8b/+ was like a new chapter for me, onwards to plenty more bangers like that!!! I could go on for hours about how many different experiences I’ve loved but on a whole I think it’s all been a blast and I’m looking forward to going back to Magic Wood soon for some unfinished business!

Cheers too Lemon Climbing for your support and I’m proud to have you alongside my other amazing sponsors! Bring on 2020

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