Jess Reysen

Jess Reysen

How I found climbing 
My climbing adventure started at the vena show where the portable wall caught my eye... since then I haven’t stopped which means I have been climbing for 9 years. 

I have been competing since 2012 and the love for the sport never stopped growing! I have competed in multiple competitions local and sometimes abroad too. Having the competitive aspect to this sport really pushes me to achieve more and more as I get the comparison to other climbers. 

Why climbing?
Climbing really challenges me and that’s why I absolutely love it, the physical and mental challenges the sport gives me just makes the end result just so much more satisfying. 

I train between 4 and 6 times a week, whether that is in the gym, in an indoor centre or even outdoors when I can. The more places I get to explore the more I’m intrigued by it.

Why lemon climbing?
I absolutely love the fact that the products are made with so little damage to the environment and so much comfort! The friendliness and helpful atmosphere of the company makes it even more appealing to me. I can’t wait to have lemon alongside me as I continue to progress!

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